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Content Development

Content Development

Our staff works with authors and publishers to help create or enhance content for books, journals, and other publications. With an eye on the budget and schedule, we ensure the customer’s expectations are met through the course of the project.

Permissions -
We perform a thorough assessment of manuscripts to identify any third-party material that would require permission or be considered fair use/public domain, including text, line art, and photos. We then work with the rights holders to obtain the customer’s minimum permission requirements, negotiate fees, and maintain detailed records.

Content Writing -
Our subject matter experts create content for a wide range of products across genres—writing first edition test preparation guides, making major or minor revisions to a product, creating ancillaries (e.g., flashcards, PowerPoints, Instructor Guides). We also create alternate text for images and tables, thereby making content accessible for visually challenged readers.

Photo Research -
Our researchers can secure photographs and illustrations via stock agencies, news services, libraries, museums, etc. to enhance content.

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