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Cloud backup technology

Cloud backup technology

We offer Cloud backup technology approaches are convenient because the information can be accessed from any Internet-connected device; information can be more easily shared; it has built-in security; and digital information is easier to manage, search, retrieve and transfer. There may also be some cost and/or budgeting advantages to outsourcing all or a piece of the backup storage.

The purpose of the software is to synchronize, folders and files in the selected drive from workstation to the server through ftp through scheduler. The software will create same directory structure in the server and maintain the files. The newly created and modified files will sync to the server while the deleted file will not. The software will run in the windows startup automatically and there is no interface for the user.

Several advantages to using cloud backup. They include:
Efficiency and reliability. Cloud providers utilize state-of-the-art technology, such as disk-based backup, compression, encryption, data reduplication, server virtualization, storage virtualization, application-specific protection

Scalability with capital savings. Organizations can leverage the unlimited scalability of a third-party cloud provider without the upfront capital expenditure.

Improves recovery time for small data sets. For a recovery from tape, an operator would need to recall the tape, load it, locate the data and recover the data.

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