Creating Accessible Content

Accessible Content

Accessible Content

The accessible files we create comply with laws and regulations in the United States and the European Union. We use the following guidelines when creating accessible files :

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 A & AA
  • Structure Guidelines for DAISY 3
  • Epub3 1.0 Accessibility Guidelines
  • Section 508
  • All other regulations promulgated under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act As Amended (ADAAA)

Other services

We do the following conversions

Print to Electronic Copy
We specialize in transferring any hard copy data into an electronic format. At the same time, the formatting of the original is maintained. We are proud to say that our eBook conversion services can digitize your content accurately and professionally.

Articles to eBooks
Turn online or printed articles into eBooks to reach a wider audience and establish your authority in a particular sphere. If you want to put together a body of work for distribution, we can help you correlate all the information you need into a single, electronically accessible format.

Printed Books to eBooks
Transform printed books into eBooks that can be accessed across multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Jksoftec's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps to guarantee accuracy with every conversion. We ensure to keep the book’s original formatting for a seamless reading experience.

Documents to eBooks
We can convert business documents into space-saving, highly searchable formats that are easily accessible. These digital copies are better preserved, easily manageable, and ready for distribution among those who require instant access to important documentation.

Catalogues to eBooks
Turn your printed product catalogue into an electronic format that can be read across all formats of smart devices. Our conversion services preserve the information, images, and layouts in the catalog, ensuring that your target audience experiences the content as originally intended.

Magazines to eBooks
We are able to convert magazines into flawless online publications. At all times, we maintain image and content quality. When necessary, we separate images from written content to ensure your magazines appear professional across all digital platforms.

Data to or from eBooks
Jksoftec's eBook conversion services will help you to convert data from multiple sources into a single streamlined eBook. Optimize your use of data and convert it into a format that works for you. Store this information easily and access it whenever you need it most.

XML Conversion
Jksoftec can convert your files, documents, data, and information, whether they originate in hard or digital forms, into XML files for functional data usage across any or all your operating systems. Customize your data usage by converting old fashioned data formats into versatile XML files with Jksoftec's affordable, timely XML Conversion Services.

XML conversion involves content transformation as required across generic and proprietary mark-up language, which is well integrated with the organization’s workflow. Jksoftec has developed expertise in converting any form of input file (word, PDF, application files, or even hardcopy) to any required output file (XML, EPUB, …).

Word to XML
We expertly convert Word files to XML-based languages like Atom, SOAP, or XHTML. If your business sends out a lot of invoices on a regular basis, you will benefit from this conversion, which makes reporting, storing, and sifting through records a lot easier.

At Jksoftec, we provide advanced HTML to XML conversion services that ensure your data reads perfectly once converted. Our expert teams are adept at breaking structured data from its current presentation and converting it to or from XML and HTML as needed.

PDF formatting can be restrictive, but Jksoftec can help translate these files into a flexible XML file type, which affords consistent data usage without structural errors. Documents will be easy to decipher, store, and recover when you convert from PDF to XML.

Text to XML
Jksoftec’s team of professionals helps to ensure that your business’ text files are universally accepted by converting them to the highly flexible XML file format. This file format makes data more easily readable and sortable across a range of different programs.

Excel to XML
We understand that the simplification of an Excel file may prevent it from displaying well on your website, so we do whatever we can to prevent that from happening. Through Jksoftec’s targeted XML conversion services, you’re guaranteed that your data is comprehensible across a multitude of formats.

Jksoftec’s XML conversion services for RTF data can be used for invoices, pay slips, or day-to-day records. Our Graphics User Interface (GUI) can perform accurate XML conversions and offer solutions including command options, core configurations, and many other additional user options.

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